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Study for in Wyoming, United States

State overview

The main aspects of Wyoming in the Western United States are its mountains and rangelands, and it is largely dominated by both.
If urban, cosmopolitan life is what you want from your graduate program in America, then Wyoming will not be top of your list. It is the least populated state in the whole US and its largest town Cheyenne is home to just 60,000 people.

It is a state of immense natural beauty with the Eastern Rocky Mountains and the High Plains offering great opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

The famous Yellowstone National Park became the world’s first national park in 1872, and the majority of it falls within in Wyoming.
Wyoming was the setting for Academy Award-winning movie Brokeback Mountain.

Education profile

There is one institution where you can study a graduate program in Wyoming. The University of Wyoming in Laramie, which is made up of seven colleges: agriculture and natural resources, arts and sciences, business, education, engineering and applied sciences, health sciences, and law.

It offers several postgraduate courses including Doctor of Pharmacy and Juris Doctor.

Professional, or ‘terminal’, masters are designed to lead to employment rather than further study. Popular courses include: Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) and Master of Library Science (M.L.S.).

Academic masters, however, are generally designed to lead the way into doctorate/PhD study. Popular courses include: Master of Education (M.Ed.), and Master of Engineering (M.Eng.).

Both last between one and three years, depending on the subject.

Doctoral degrees are the most advanced level of higher education, and usually take between four and eight years to complete, which includes the time it takes to write and present a dissertation. 

Immigration and visas

Before travelling to the USA to study in Wyoming you will need to apply for a non-immigrant visa.

The most common kind of student visa is the F-1 visa, which entitles the holder to study at any US accredited college or university.
To apply for a student visa for a graduate program in Wyoming, you will need to fill out an application form (found on the US Embassy website) and send appropriate documentation, such as evidence of financial standing and proof of university acceptance and academic qualifications, as well as possibly attending a visa interview at the US Embassy in your home country.

Life in Wyoming

International students looking to study in Wyoming will find a strong city life, with the opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle and step into wide expanses of countryside.

The warmer months offer many traditional out-door pursuits including hiking, mountain-biking, camping, fishing and hunting. Outdoor life is central to the lifestyle in Wyoming and students should expect to have this as part of their lives.

Working in Wyoming

The mining industry is largest in Wyoming, with much of the state’s economy coming from this activity. The federal government owns about 50% of its land and much of this is used for mining.

With six million people a year visiting the state’s national parks (Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Devils Tower, Independence Rock and Fossil Butte) and monuments, the tourism industry is also central to the economy in Wyoming.

Agriculture also plays a big part in lifestyle and culture in the state.


Most postgraduates coming to Wyoming choose to live in accommodation provided by the universities, as this is the easiest way to get to know fellow students and settle into university life. Most halls of residence in Wyoming provide postgraduates with furniture, cooking appliances and have places to relax like gyms and cafes.

Some students will choose to live privately in rented accommodation.

Weather and climate

Wyoming’s climate is generally considered semi-arid and continental and compared to other states with extreme temperatures is much windier and drier.

The state has warm summers and cold winters with some periods of extreme cold between milder periods.

Thunderstorms and tornados are common in Wyoming, but there frequency varies widely across the state.

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