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Study in Kentucky, United States

State overview

Officially known as the Commonwealth of Kentucky and originally a part of Virginia, Kentucky is both the geographical and cultural crossroads of the US, combining southern hospitality, northern industry, eastern aristocracy and western countryside.

Known as the Bluegrass State after its state music, Kentucky is about much more than the obligatory fried chicken. Its public universities are well-regarded throughout the United States and Kentucky is home to the historic city of Louisville – home of the world famous Kentucky Derby and festivals aplenty.

Education profile

Kentucky is made up for eight public universities, of which two are major research institutions. You can study a graduate program in Kentucky at the following institutions:

Professional, or ‘terminal’, masters are designed to lead to employment rather than further study. Popular courses include: Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) and Master of Library Science (M.L.S.).

Academic masters, however, are generally designed to lead the way into doctorate/PhD study. Popular courses include: Master of Education (M.Ed.), and Master of Engineering (M.Eng.).

Both last between one and three years, depending on the subject.

Doctoral degrees are the most advanced level of higher education, and usually take between four and eight years to complete, which includes the time it takes to write and present a dissertation. 

Immigration and visas

If you want to study a postgraduate course in Kentucky you will have to apply for a non-immigrant visa.

The most common kind of student visa is the F-1 visa, which entitles the holder to study at any US accredited college or university.
To apply for a student visa for a graduate program in Kentucky you will need to fill out an application form (found on the US Embassy website) and send appropriate documentation, such as evidence of financial standing and proof of university acceptance and academic qualifications, as well as possibly attending a visa interview at the US Embassy in your home country.

Life in Kentucky

Life in Kentucky revolves around the state’s elegant but small cities, such as Lexington, Bowling Green and Louisville. Each has its own feel, but Kentucky’s cities have an artistic, countryside charm to them, with festivals, music and the world famous Kentucky Derby forming the backbone of Kentuckian culture.

Even Kentucky’s major industries have a genteel feel to them – this is a state that makes bourbon whisky, designer baseball bats and cars like the Corvette, as well as being America’s premier place to breed horses.

Despite this, there is plenty to see in Kentucky’s countryside, from the grandeur of the Appalachian  mountains to more than 90,000 miles of streams and major lakes.

Working in Kentucky

Traditionally, Kentucky has been farming country. Cattle, horse breeding and corn production are still all big players in Kentucky’s economy, but the state has expanded to include non-agricultural industries such as manufacturing and energy fuel production.

Many major car brands are manufactured and assembled in Kentucky, such as the Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Escape, Lincoln Navigator and several Toyota lines.

Kentucky is also home to several military bases, including the famous Fort Knox and its attached Army Human Resource Center of Excellence, which employs nearly 4,300 soldiers and civilians.


The easiest way of finding graduate accommodation in Kentucky is to apply for halls of residence accommodation directly through the university. The benefits of doing this are that you will be situated close to your university, be able to meet fellow students easily and also have your accommodation available on arrival.

You can arrange university accommodation in Kentucky through your university’s housing department, who will also be able to advise you should you decide to look for private accommodation.

Weather and climate

Kentucky has a climate that is pretty consistent, with neither extreme highs nor lows of temperature. The main summer months run from June to August, when temperatures can reach 30C, while winter is at its coldest between December and February.

What to do next

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