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Study in Idaho, United States

State overview

Want to get lost in America? Idaho is your perfect state. Second only to Alaska in terms of national forests and wilderness, Idaho has more lakes than anywhere else in North America and is home to one of America’s deepest gorges – the awe-inspiring Hells Canyon.
Sandwiched between the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains, Idaho is an outdoor junkie’s heaven, with rafting, skiing and canoeing all popular pastimes, attracting crowds of tourists and the occasional film star.

Education profile

Idaho is home to three comprehensive state universities, three regional colleges and several private institutions. You can study a graduate program in Idaho at the following universities:

Professional, or ‘terminal’, masters are designed to lead to employment rather than further study. Popular courses include: Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) and Master of Library Science (M.L.S.).

Academic masters, however, are generally designed to lead the way into doctorate/PhD study. Popular courses include: Master of Education (M.Ed.), and Master of Engineering (M.Eng.).

Both last between one and three years, depending on the subject.

Doctoral degrees are the most advanced level of higher education, and usually take between four and eight years to complete, which includes the time it takes to write and present a dissertation. 

Immigration and visas

Students coming to study a postgraduate course in Idaho will need to apply for a non-immigrant visa prior to arriving.

The most common kind of student visa is the F-1 visa, which entitles the holder to study at any US accredited college or university.
To apply for a student visa for a graduate program in Idaho you will need to fill out an application form (found on the US Embassy website) and send appropriate documentation, such as evidence of financial standing and proof of university acceptance and academic qualifications, as well as possibly attending a visa interview at the US Embassy in your home country.

Life in Idaho

Idaho offers international students a safe and adventurous lifestyle, but there is plenty to do in the state beyond the great outdoors. State capital and largest city Boise is a great place to be a student, with trendy cafes and a growing bar/club scene. As with many student cities, sport plays a massive part in Boise life, with American football, baseball and basketball all popular.

Another popular destination for students in Idaho is Pocatello, home to Idaho State University. With a student body of more than 15,000, the town has a youthful, campus feel.

If you tire of Idaho’s cities, the great outdoors has plenty to offer graduate students. With more than 93,000 miles of rivers and streams, Idaho’s landlocked status is no deterrent to getting involved in water sports.

Working in Idaho

Modern Idaho’s largest industry – and a good one for international students – is the science and technology sector, which accounts for more than 25% of state’s total revenue and more than 70% of its exports. Hewlett Packard, LaserJet and Micron Technology all have bases in the state.

Other successful industries include tourism, particularly in the outdoor activities area, food processing, mining and agriculture. Idaho produces nearly one third of all potatoes grown in the United States and the state is also an important wheat grower.


Most universities in Idaho offer graduates accommodation on campus in halls of residence or dedicated apartments. The benefits of getting accommodation through the university include being able to meet fellow students, settle into university life more easily and have 24-hour support. You can apply for university accommodation through your institution’s housing department.

The housing department will also be able to advise you on how to get private accommodation too, such as good districts to live in and reputable estate agents.

Weather and climate

Idaho has a varied climate depending on where in the state you choose to live, with dry and wet seasons often reversed depending on whether you are on the eastern or western side.

Idaho is a hot state, with long hot summers and relatively mild winters. Summer is at its warmest in Idaho between July and August, while the main winter months are between December and January.

What to do next

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