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Graduate programs in Kuwait

Kuwait might be most famous for its early 90s invasion by Iraq, but the country has recovered extremely well and has one of the best standards of living in the Middle East – as well as one of the most liberal lifestyle.Study in Kuwait

The country centres around capital Kuwait City, with little else to see save a few resorts dotted along the coast – although plans to create a tourist development on the island of Failaka are beginning. Choosing to study a graduate program in Kuwait will place you in a unique, historical Arab country with a history of tolerance and growth.

Education overview

Despite its small size, Kuwait has plenty to offer international graduate students. You can study a graduate program in Kuwait at the following state institutions:

  • Kuwait University
  • The College of Basic Education in PAAET
  • Higher Institute of Theatre Arts
  • Higher Institute of Music Arts

There are also several private institutions where you can study a graduate program in Kuwait. These include:

  • Arab Open University
  • American University of Kuwait
  • Box Hill College Kuwait
  • Arab Open University

Immigration and visas in Kuwait

If you want to study a graduate program in Kuwait, you’ll need to apply for a student visa well in advance of travelling to the country. In order to get your visa, you’ll need to demonstrate the following:

  • You have a confirmed place on a course at a recognised education institution
  • You have paid all relevant visa fees
  • You have enough funds to cover your stay in Kuwait
  • A covering letter from your sponsor explaining the course

International students will not be able to work in Kuwait as part of their visa conditions.

Life in Kuwait

The cost of living in Kuwait depends on the type of lifestyle you want to live. For instance, domestic goods and petrol are very cheap, but imported goods and electronics can be expensive. Kuwait is small country and entertainment options are limited, so expect to spend holidays abroad.  

It’s important to remember that Kuwait is a Muslim country, so students should be willing to dress modestly and be aware of social constraints that they may not have seen before, such as shops closing for prayers. However, Kuwaitis are friendly and inclusive, so you should have no problems making new friends.

Working in Kuwait

Kuwait is the world’s fifth richest country in terms income per capita, with petroleum, petrochemicals and financial services amongst its major exports. With crude oil reserves of 104 billion barrels (10% of the entire world’s reserves), it’s unsurprising that engineering is one of the more popular choices for a graduate program in Kuwait.

However, international students need to be aware that you are unable to work in Kuwait as part of the terms of your student visa.


While most students studying a graduate program in Kuwait will opt to live in accommodation provided by their chosen university, some will prefer the privacy and comfort of a private apartment. While you should be able to find accommodation relatively easy once in Kuwait, it can be hard to negotiate your own place from outside the country.

Rent per month:

  • One bedroom apartment (city centre) –  250KWD (USD$900)
  • One bedroom apartment (outside city centre) – 180KWD (USD$640)
  • Three bedroom apartment (city centre) –540KWD (USD$1,900)
  • Three bedroom apartment (outside city centre) –420KWD (USD$1,500)

Climate in Kuwait

Kuwait has a typically Middle Eastern climate with temperatures that can regularly reach above 40C. The country is affected by the shamal, a northwesterly wind which brings dramatic sandstorms in June and July.


Transport in Kuwait is based around cars and taxis, with official figures showing that the country has one car for every 2.25 people.
However, unlike many other Middle Eastern countries, Kuwait does have a decent bus and coach network which is inexpensive are frequented by locals. While there are plans to introduce a Kuwait City metro, the infrastructure is yet to be built.
Kuwait is home to seven airports, with the major one being the Kuwait International Airport.


The currency of Kuwait is the Kuwaiti Dinar.

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