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Study in Kanpur, India

Population: 2,700,000

City Overview

Kanpur is the largest industrial town in Uttar Pradesh, one of the oldest settlements in Northern India. With a history of farming, agriculture and textiles production, Kanpur has always an important and strategic centre of trade in India.

Indeed, the British India Corporation was situated in Kanpur and led the development of several leather, textile and manufacturing industries in the city. Situated on the Ganges river, the city is a centre of historical, religious and commercial importance.

Education profile

Kanpur has always been a centre of education in India, with many prominent universities and colleges situated in the city. It is a centre of excellence for engineering colleges. You can study a graduate program in Kanpur at the following institutions:
Graduate programs in India are extremely popular, with most undergraduate Indian students choosing to continue to Masters level at some point. As the quality and content of postgraduate courses in India varies considerably, you should carefully research any program before committing to it.

Masters programs in Kanpur generally last two years for taught courses, with research programs and PhDs taking up to three years to complete. 

Immigration and visas

Indian student visas are issued for the duration of your postgraduate course up to a maximum of five years. In order to qualify for a student visa, you will need to demonstrate the following:
  • You have a confirmed place on a course at a recognised education institution
  • You are not already in the country on a tourist or business visa
  • You have paid all relevant visa fees
You can apply for a student visa either at your national Indian embassy or online. Student visas are multiple entry but do not allow you to work while in India. Students with spouses will be able to apply for a spousal visa for their partner to join them.

Life in Kanpur

Kanpur is a major university hub in India, with students from all over India coming to study at its prestigious universities. Engineering courses are particularly well thought of in Kanpur and the city retains a student atmosphere.

Working in Kanpur

As well as being a centre of education, Kanpur is a major industrial and manufacturing city in India, ranking within the top ten for output. The city is a big producer and exporter of textile and leather products, as well as many agrarian industries. The city is home to the National Sugar Institute and the Indian Institute of Pulse Research.

The Indian government has plans to set up a high-tech industrial development in Uttar Pradesh, with Kanpur one of the favoured destinations. The development will include IT services, business process outsourcing, financial institutions and hotels.


Most universities in Kanpur will offer postgraduate students somewhere to live in halls of residence. Most university accommodation will be single sex, with some students expected to share rooms with others.

You should expect all university accommodation to come with common rooms, dining halls, exercise areas and 24-hour security.

Weather and Climate

Kanpur has a humid subtropical climate that closely matches that of India’s capital, Delhi. The city has extremes of temperatures, with summer highs of up 45C and winter lows of freezing. As it lies in the northern plains of India, expect to see dust storms, monsoons occasional hailstorms in winter.

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