Study in Cyprus

Study in Cyprus

Graduate programs in Cyprus

Study in Cyprus A graduate program in Cyprus might take the form of a specialist diploma, which is likely to focus on professional and/or practical training, or a masters degree, which will be more academic. Masters degrees are offered across a huge range of subjects, from art to economics, and from computer science to public health – with a large amount of variety, you’re likely to find a course that fits your requirements fairly easily.

Population: 1,141,000

Education Overview

In a short number of years, higher education opportunities in Cyprus have grown to such an extent that its young population is now amongst the most likely to be university educated in the whole of the EU. Higher education in the country is offered by a mixture of public and private universities, and the international student population is booming – according to recent statistics, in excess of 30% of university students in Cyprus are international. Links with universities in the UK are common.

A large number of courses in Cyprus are taught in English, but others may be taught in Greek or Turkish as these are the country’s two primary languages – so students may be required to have a good knowledge of either one of these in order to be admitted to a course. Private universities are likely to mainly offer courses that are taught in English.

Immigration and visas in Cyprus

EU students are free to study in Cyprus, but must present a number of documents at their university upon arrival. The university in question will be able to advise you on what you’ll need to bring. International students from outside the EU will need to be interviewed before they are offered a place on a course. This will usually take place at the Cypriot embassy in their home country, and will come after an application has been made through the university’s admissions office.

All universities in Cyprus have an international office that you can contact in order to discuss the exact nature of your visa and application requirements.

Life in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean, and is often seen as a crossroads between Africa, Asia and Europe. The country is culturally split between the largely Turkish north and the south, which is more Greek.

Its history, weather and the friendliness of its people make Cyprus a popular country for tourists and expats, as well as for its growing numbers of international students – in fact, the country is on a drive to recruit more students from overseas, as they are of huge benefit to its economy.

Life as an international student in Cyprus is comfortable as there is a well establish international community, and the quality of life offered, as well as the tuition fees required, are much more cost-effective than in many other parts of the EU.

Working in Cyprus

EU students are free to live and work in Cyprus as it is part of the EU.

Non-EU students in Cyprus may find it more difficult to get part-time work, as although the law allows them to work up to 20 hours per week during term time the current economy means that Cypriots and previous company employees are more likely to be hired. This is because rules on work are imposed to reflect the labour market.

After graduation, students from outside the EU are likely to have to find a company to sponsor them to work if they plan to stay in the country.


Students in Cyprus are often able to secure university halls or accommodation on the campuses of their universities, making everyday life and study extremely convenient.

If renting privately (as students may decide to do if studying in a city), estimates have put living costs per month, including rent, at around 600 Euros.


Cyprus has a typical southern Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and relatively dry winters.


Public transport in Cyprus is extremely cheap, and there are shuttle buses to and from the major airports in Larnaca and Paphos. There are also a number of motorways for road traffic.


The currency of Cyprus is the Euro.

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