Graduate Programs at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) was jointly founded by Xi'an Jiaotong University and the University of Liverpool. It is the only international collaborative university in China where all undergraduate (Bachelors) students receive two degrees (dual award) from the Chinese Ministry of Education and from the University of Liverpool. Masters students will receive a degree from the University of Liverpool.

Founded in 2006, the University now has over 10,000 students on campus with a further 2,500 studying at Liverpool under a 2+2 articulation agreement. XJTLU undergraduate students may study the entire degree programme in Suzhou, China, or start study in Suzhou and then complete the final two years at the University of Liverpool.

XJTLU is independent, but it draws for guidance and experience upon its two parent universities, both of which are over one hundred years old and highly respected international pioneers. The University recruits students from China and abroad at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and also receives visiting, exchange and Chinese Language Studies students.
You are the future entrepreneur, scientist, architect, engineer, diplomat, researcher, educator or executive in our increasingly global environment. You have a desire to understand other cultures and become a citizen of the world. We want you.

At XJTLU you will find an international community of learners in the heart of China’s ongoing economic success story and opportunities found nowhere else on Earth.

Our global community is continually growing, offering you the chance to make connections with people from across the world.

All our degree programmes are taught 100 percent in English, with a focus on critical thinking and independent learning – key skills needed in the workplace. At XJTLU you will be taught how to acquire and create new knowledge and apply it to real-world scenarios.

Our graduates’ ambitions and aspirations take them all over the world into jobs and further study. Some progress onto further education at top global institutions (in 2015, 71 percent of graduates planned to continue their studies in world-renowned universities), while others get jobs with major companies around the world (25.7 percent of 2015 graduates found employment with Fortune 500 companies).

We are the result of a historic partnership between Xi’an Jiaotong University and the University of Liverpool and our academic reputation is enhanced by this collaboration. We combine the best of east and west to offer you a unique educational experience that prepares you to be a future leader.
International students at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)
Student Support

International Student Support Office: Our XJTLU Global team provides a range of services to help make students' experience at XJTLU go smoothly. The team help with all questions that international students have whilst at the University and in China.

Language support: All international students have the opportunity to study Chinese language. The Language Centre delivers language modules, including academic English, Chinese, and Spanish for full-time international students, exchange students and visiting students.


  • Accommodation: All international students are guaranteed accommodation throughout their study at XJTLU. Accommodation options range from studios to six-bedroom apartments with well-equipped facilities, considerate service, and an international living atmosphere, it also creates a good learning and living environment.
  • Library: As an XJTLU student you will have access to a wide range of library resources, from books and journals to electronic databases and articles. The library currently holds over 500,000 books, which are added to and updated throughout the year in response to requests from academic departments. It provides 22,000 square metres of space, housing 300 PCs and 2,500 seats for studying, discussion and computer and studio work.
  • Sports: Students at XJTLU have the opportunity to try a range of sporting activities through our clubs and organisations as well as the sports facilities on offer.
The campus at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)
Located in Suzhou, China
Studying in Suzhou, you have the opportunity to live in one of the most culturally rich areas of China, with Suzhou’s UNESCO World Heritage gardens and canals famous around the world. Suzhou combines its rich 2,500-year-old history with a drive to become one of the most modern cities in China. The living cost in Suzhou is lower compared to neighbouring Shanghai (25 minutes away by high-speed train).

Our graduates are a diverse group whose ambitions and aspirations take them all over the world into jobs and further study.

In 2017, more than 80 percent graduates continued onto further studies (masters and PhD) abroad after they graduated, with 23.73 percent entering world top 10 universities and more than 70 percent receiving offers from universities ranking in the world top 100. Almost 20% graduates entered Fortune Global 500 companies. Our dedicated Career Development Office helps support you in your career planning, while our network of external mentors, made up of professionals from a range of industries, can offer you real-world guidance on job seeking and career development.

XJTLU at a glance
  • All degree programmes taught in English: Over 70 undergraduate degree and masters programmes.
  • More than 500 academic staff members from 50 countries.
  • World-class learning and teaching facilities on an award-winning campus.
  • Internationally-recognised UK degree from the University of Liverpool.
  • Undergraduate students receive two degrees (dual award) upon completion of an undergraduate programme (the XJTLU degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education and the University of Liverpool degree).
  • Masters and PhD will receive a degree from the University of Liverpool.
  • All international students have the opportunity to study Chinese throughout their degree or as separate short courses.
Student in the lab at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)



MA China Studies
The Master of China Studies provides students with in-depth knowledge of China’s history, politics, society and economy, in order to equip them with a more comprehensive understanding of China’s complex socio-economic system. The Department of China Studies at XJTLU has a large and diverse group of experts from around the world who will introduce students to different perspectives on China from different disciplinary backgrounds.
Duration: 18 months
Deadline: Ongoing
MA Media and Communication
By studying MSc Media and Communication you will benefit from: A unique combination of both media theory and practical training, something very few other masters’ programmes provide; Additional Learning Activities that allow you the opportunity to work closely with top researchers and industry experts; Gaining a superb understanding of the Chinese and international media markets.
Duration: 18 months
Deadline: Ongoing
Master of Architectural Design
The Master of Architectural Design programme prepares students for an international career in architecture, creating bridges between Eastern and Western culture. The programme focuses on architectural design studios as well as on humanistic and technical modules in preparation for both professional practice and PhD-level studies. This is the first and only postgraduate architecture course in mainland China validated by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). It is an English-taught, 2-year, full-time professional programme, that delivers the learning outcomes for RIBA Part 2.
Duration: 24 months
Deadline: Ongoing
MSc Financial Computing
By studying MSc Financial Computing you will gain: theoretical and practical knowledge of key areas of finance and computing in both industry and research; knowledge of the latest technology and applications for the finance industry, such as big data and business analytics; practical skills in research, analysis, realisation and evaluation of technical or research documents in financial computing.
Duration: 18 months
Deadline: Ongoing
MSc Management
The MSc Management programme offers you broad theoretical and practical knowledge of management. The modules cover many topics of relevance to managers both in China and internationally, including international business, strategy, finance, leadership, marketing and entrepreneurship.
Duration: 18 months
Deadline: Ongoing
MSc Sustainable Construction
The MSc Sustainable Construction programme provides students with technologically advanced knowledge, problem-solving skills and a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects of sustainability in civil engineering construction. It is intended to provide critical awareness of current and future problems associated with the intervention of sustainability strategies and their integration in the civil engineering sector, as well as prospective solutions from existing and emerging scientific technologies.  
Duration: 18 months
Deadline: Ongoing


Chi Ho Lau - BA China Studies, HK

"The experienced teachers of the department has successfully trained my academic habit that how to raise a question, consider the question critically and present the answer logically. The staff of the department all are excellent and friendly people who are keen to listen to my demands and provide necessary helps efficiently. I have participated in education systems in the UK, Hong Kong, Mainland China for years respectively and the experience of studying at the department is the most unique and best among them."

Chi Ho Lau - BA China Studies, HK
Lijia Bao – Alumna, Beng Architecture, China

“At XJTLU in addition to gaining skills and knowledge, you discover who you are – a questioner, a problem solver, a dreamer, and a free spirit. Having graduated, I am now working at an architecture practice in Shanghai and I will soon undertake my masters at Bartlett (UCL) in London.”

Lijia Bao – Alumna, Beng Architecture, China
Ruoyun Jialumna - BSc Economics, China

“During my years at XJTLU and the University of Liverpool I experienced great support and a strong research environment.”

Ruoyun Jialumna - BSc Economics, China
Yuan Caoalumna - BSc Biological Sciences, China

“The teaching labs here at XJTLU are great with modern facilities containing state-of-the-art equipment. The lecturers and tutors are extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and accessible.”

Yuan Caoalumna - BSc Biological Sciences, China
Madeline Christabel - Applied Chemistry, Indonesia

“I am grateful that I am able to learn and practise chemistry in XJTLU. Teaching and learning activities are really fun as the modules are interesting and lecturers always try to build an interactive learning atmosphere with students. Students are often given the chance to work in the research lab to do real research together with lecturers or PhD students. We are also given the opportunity to carry out individual research supervised by one of the lecturer for our final year project. These opportunities are why my learning experience in XJTLU's Chemistry Department has been very valuable.”

Madeline Christabel - Applied Chemistry, Indonesia
Alexander MacKrell - MSc Management, UK

“I came to XJTLU to find a direction for my career after several years of work experience. The course with it's combination of theory and practice, along with my professors and classmates, all helped me find what I was looking for. All of these will also prove invaluable in the future as I build and manage my own business in Suzhou. My advice for Masters students is to remember that a Masters is 50% study and 50% network building, students also needing to focus on building lasting professional relationships with their classmates and professors. I also highly recommend taking full advantage of the extracurricular roles and activities available, become a course representative, a career ambassador, a research or teaching assistant, and you will gain important experience for your future career.”

Alexander MacKrell - MSc Management, UK
Theo Darius - Financial Mathematics, Indonesia

“ Learning mathematics in a dynamic international- Chinese environment while gaining experience in order to prepare for your bright future is a very great experience”

Theo Darius - Financial Mathematics, Indonesia
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