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UWA - The University of West Alabama
At UWA, we welcome students, faculty and staff from all corners of the globe. Our small campus and home-like feel are ideal for learning, for connecting with classmates and professors. Here, you will get an exceptional education, you'll build friendships and connections that will last for the rest of your life.

But most importantly, we'll prepare you for the next step in your life, whether it is graduate school or moving on into your career; whether you remain in the United States or return home.
About UWA
UWA is a publicly funded university located in the southeastern United States. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the personalized attention and academic rigor of a small private school (2,000 students on campus), but with the affordability of a public school price. We have a beautiful 600 acre campus with a 60 acre lake, and it is located within travelling distance of New Orleans, LA, Memphis, TN, Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, and the Gulf Coast beaches. We are the safest and the most diverse campus in the state of Alabama with over 30 countries represented. At UWA, you'll explore a variety of options (90 major and minor program options), and with the guidance of your professors, you'll find the path that best suits your passion, and your enthusiasm for learning will translate into a more meaningful college experience. By pursuing your passions and building the foundation of your career, you will be empowered to shape the world.
Students at UWA
Campus Life
Because college is about more than what happens in the classroom

More than classroom learning, college is a time to learn about yourself. Every day, you'll experience growth, discovery and new connections that all take place outside of the classroom. That's why there's no shortage of clubs, organizations and social events to be a part of here on campus. Taking advantage of all there is to do on campus allows you to live your college life to the fullest.
Facts and figures
  • More than 60 undergraduate programs and 20 graduate programs.. Choose the program that’s right for you!
  • Classes offer a 15:1 student-to-teacher ratio. With an average of 30 students in every class, you’ll never get lost in the crowd.
  • Only full professors teach classes. No graduate assistant leading a lecture at UWA.
  • You’ll find everything you need to enjoy a full life right here on the UWA campus: from comfortable residence halls with all the modern conveniences to fraternities, sororities, intramural sports, entertainment, religious organizations, student government organizations and so much more
  • A beautiful 600-acre campus with nature trails and a 54-acre lake that's stocked for fishing. It’s also recognized as being one of the safest college campuses in the nation
  • Tuition for UWA is lower than many other state universities in the state. We also offer a full range of grants, scholarships and loans to help you meet your education goals.
  • A diverse student population is essential to providing a world-class education. We welcome students, faculty and staff from around the world to our campus.
The campus at the University of West Alabama



Experimental Psychology
The MS in Experimental Psychology provides enhanced training in psychology-based statistics and research methods, which are necessary skills for Ph.D. programs and are in demand by potential employers. 
Duration: 2 years
Deadline: Ongoing
Master of Science in Conservation Biology
When you seek a Master of Science degree, you're preparing for a career in the field and in the laboratory answering questions related to ecology, evolution and changes in the environment. 
Duration: 2 years
Deadline: Ongoing
MBA - Master of Business Administration
As an internationally-recognized degree, our MBA program is designed for both experienced professionals seeking career advancement or new graduates seeking entry into their profession.
Duration: 2 years
Deadline: Ongoing


Meiqi Lyu (China)

Coming to UWAis a very good choice for me. It gave me a lot of opportunities and chances to get to know people and learn more about the local American culture. With all the other international students, you are actually building the connection with the whole world. It was an awesome experience when I studied at UWA.

Meiqi Lyu (China)
Maisie Stein (Australia)

A really big positive from my time here has been the international house. Having the international house as a friendly and welcoming place we can come to relax or seek assistance has been really helpful. All of the faculty within the I-House have been incredibly friendly, helpful and accommodating and it makes such a big difference knowing I have this support base to rely on for any issues or questions that come up. On this note, all of the faculty I have interacted with during my time at UWA have had a positive effect on my exchange. The teachers and staff I encountered while I was here were all very welcoming, helpful and accommodating. Everyone went out of his or her way to make this exchange a really positive experience, and the impact that has had will not be forgotten. Another positive of the exchange is all the events that happen on campus. There always seemed to be something going on (most of the time cheap or free for students). All of these events were really good especially when I first arrived in creating opportunities to meet other people and feel involved on campus- from the various sports events, campus board events and the events hosted by I-house.

Maisie Stein (Australia)
Cassandra Guerrin (France)

International Programs was very good and professional in helping me in every way. The American educational system was quite different but most enjoyable.  I could chose my own classes and consider the organizational and psychological aspects of each.  UWA has a variety of clubs and students can be involved in as many activities as they wish. 

Cassandra Guerrin (France)
Lakshmi Lakshmanan (Sri Lanka/Australia)

I have enjoyed my time here in UWA and am glad to have been exposed to a different kind of teaching method from what I am used to back in Australia.  The classroom teaching style has benefitted me greatly.  Being in such close range with my professors enabled me to be extremely attentive in class and interact with professors during and after class which helped me with the learning process and got me feeling really involved in the class.  From day 1, the professors and school staff have gone out of their way to make sure that I am comfortable adjusting to the new environment and I have made sure to keep students focused not only on their studies but also their life goals.  I have been taught by top-notch professors here and I know I have gained a solid foundation for the future.  I will treasure my experience being a business exchange student in UWA.

Lakshmi Lakshmanan (Sri Lanka/Australia)
Pragabh Sharma (Nepal)

As a student from Nepal, my experience at UWA so far has been beautifully enlightening both from a cultural perspective as well as an educational perspective. I came to UWA so that I could be exposed to a culture of people, ideas, and habits that significantly differed from my own. I was seeking a learning experience that would broaden my perspective whilst simultaneously allowing me to embrace my uniqueness and develop myself further. Having now spent a semester at UWA, I am glad I chose to be a part of this small, yet intellectually curious society where I have had the opportunity to learn something new from even the most trivial of things. The community here is one of the most supportive ones I have been in, and has been one of my favorite things about UWA. Not only have I been able to utilize this experience to develop and grow as a person, but the multitude of options for involvement on campus are refreshingly encouraging and have been a boon for me personally, allowing me to become a better-rounded citizen globally and here at UWA. There is, indeed, just something about this place.

Pragabh Sharma (Nepal)
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