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The School of Health Sciences and Practice inspires as well as educates. Throughout our various professional programs, we are committed to exploring the social and environmental determinants of health and disease, and to promoting health and well-being for all, especially the poor, the powerless, and the helpless.

We are located just 15 miles north of the New York City limits, in suburban Westchester, we offer exceptional opportunities to upward-mobile professionals from varied backgrounds. More than 3 million people live in our neighborhood, which includes the scenic Hudson River valley and parts of Connecticut and encompasses a variety of community settings – urban, suburban, and rural.

Our full-time weekday professional programs, in physical therapy and speech-language pathology, add a community-oriented perspective that does not occur in most other teaching settings. Service-based learning activities integrate health sciences and public health practice with the clinical arts.
  • NYMC's History: As far back as 1860, New York Medical College has had a history of involvement in the social and environmental determinants of health and disease, and special concern for the poor, powerless, and the helpless. Through the decades, we have stayed true to this mission.
  • Our small class size and excellent teacher-to-student ratio enable us to offer creative and effective programs.
  • Our experienced financial aid office provides real, up-to-date counseling on budgeting and investing in your education.
  • We have a beautiful suburban campus convenient to New York City, the Hudson Valley, Connecticut and New Jersey.
Public Health
  • Our targeted programs are designed to fill demand for graduate-educated professionals as an outcome of health care reform.
  • Our faculty are actively involved with local health departments, health systems, and other agencies.
  • We collaborate with more than 30 community-based organizations and the health commissioners in more than eight nearby counties to regularly update workforce priorities and expectations, and engage in important local and regional initiatives to improve health status indicators throughout the region.
  • We feature online and late afternoon and evening on-campus classes to match the busy schedules of working professionals.
  • All of our programs are fully accredited by the Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH).
  • We offer a totally online M.P.H. degree as well as several certificate programs.
  • We do not require the GRE for admission to the M.P.H. program.
Admissions Information:

We offer the following programs in Public Health:

  • M.P.H. in Behavioral Sciences and Health Promotion (on-campus and online)
  • M.P.H. in Epidemiology (on-campus ONLY)
  • M.P.H. in Environmental Health Science (on-campus and online)
  • M.P.H. in Health Policy and Management (on-campus and online)
  • M.S. in Biostatistics (on-campus ONLY)

Program Timing
The Public Health programs begin at the start of the Fall, Spring and Summer terms. The Fall term begins in late August/early September; the Spring term begins in mid-January; and the Summer term begins in early June.

Application Deadlines
The application deadlines for each term are as follows:

  • Fall Term: August 1
  • Spring Term:  December 1
  • Summer Term: April 15

International Students
International students must complete several additional requirements. 
New York Medical College is chartered by the Regents of the State of New York, and all of its degree programs are authorized by the New York State Department of Education.

University of Leeds - Engineering Management MSc (Distance learning)



Behavioral Science and Health Promotion, Accelerated M.P.H.
The Accelerated M.P.H. in Behavioral Sciences & Health Promotion is offered as a blended program with a combination of on-campus and online classes (residency required).
Duration: 12 Months
Deadline: Ongoing
Behavioral Science and Health Promotion, M.P.H.
The most serious health problems in the U.S. today – heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and obesity – have substantial behavioral and social components. This program will give you a clear understanding of the role of behavior and social influences in illness and health, and the skills necessary to develop effective public health intervention strategies to reduce risk and promote health. 
Duration: 46 credits
Deadline: Ongoing
Biostatistics, M.S.
As the health care system evolves – both in the U.S. and abroad – there is an increasing need for health analytics by biomedical research institutions, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, health information exchanges, hospital collaborations and health-related research firms.
Duration: 36 credits
Deadline: Ongoing
Environmental Health Science, M.P.H.
Our environment has a major impact on our health. We depend on clean air, clean water and a safe food supply to sustain ourselves and our communities. Agriculture, transportation, construction, energy production and use, and manufacturing all have a significant impact on the environment. 
Duration: 46 credits
Deadline: Ongoing
Epidemiology, M.P.H.
Epidemiology is the basic science of disease recognition, characterization and prevention.  The application of epidemiologic tools and principles is increasingly important not only to public health but also in clinical practice.  What causes disease?  How is it distributed in the population? 
Duration: 46 credits
Deadline: Ongoing
Graduate Certificates
In addition to several degree programs, SHSP also offers nine certificates in relevant health care fields.
Duration: 12 - 27 credits
Deadline: Ongoing
Health Policy & Management, M.P.H.
Health policy and management concerns the delivery, quality, and costs of health care for individuals and populations. M.P.H. students who concentrate in health policy and management are trained in the complex structures of health care delivery in the U.S., legal and ethical foundations of health care, and the policy processes designed to improve health care access among diverse populations.
Duration: 46 credits
Deadline: Ongoing
Health Policy and Management, Accelerated M.P.H.
The Accelerated M.P.H. in Health Policy and Management is offered as a blended program with a combination of on-campus and online classes (residency required).
Duration: 12 Months
Deadline: Ongoing
Public Health, DrPH
The Doctor of Public Health (Dr.P.H.) in Health Policy and Management will arm you with the knowledge and skills you need to assume leadership positions in public health practice at the local, state or national level in both the public and private sectors.
Duration: 54 credits
Deadline: Ongoing


Adesola Akinyemi, M.P.H. Candidate in the SHSP

"While NYMC’s student population is relatively small, it is incredibly diverse—and that was very appealing to me. I also liked the idea of being in New York where I would be exposed to diverse public health challenges. I thought the chances of seeing the kind of challenges Nigeria faces—poor health-seeking behaviors, for example—would present themselves in New York more so than elsewhere in the U.S. Here, I would have a chance to learn approaches to handle similar kinds of challenges we face in Nigeria.


Spend your time doing two things: studying and connecting. The environment at NYMC gives you abundant resources to be a good student and succeed. Classes are in the late afternoon and evenings. Faculty is always available. The library is open 24 hours. Everything is in place for you to be the best you can be. "

Adesola Akinyemi, M.P.H. Candidate in the SHSP
Baturu Mboge, Masters of Public Health Program and Doctor of Public Health Program

"I decided to pursue Masters of Public Health and Doctor of Public Health at NYMC because of the quality education it offers, that links theory with practice. The school has a multi-cultural student community with a first class faculty that is committed and dedicated to the success of each and every student.


The graduates from these programs will contribute significantly in giving voices to the voiceless and enlarging greater freedom in the arena of public health and beyond."

Baturu Mboge, Masters of Public Health Program and Doctor of Public Health Program
Namarata, Epidemiology, MP

"I earned my bachelor’s in dental surgery from India and practiced for almost five years in different healthcare sectors. Having had clinical and healthcare experience, I wanted to broaden my horizon and scope of knowledge. Working in healthcare settings made me understand the importance of public health. Thus, I decided to transition my career in the field of public health.

As an epidemiology student at New York Medical College I have learned to analyze statistical data and interpret the results. During my course I have had an opportunity to work as a Graduate Assistant at the Department of Public Health and as a Business Development Analyst Intern at ENT and Allergy Associates.  In these settings, I have worked within the fields of business development – learning the importance of marketing; performing business analytics; evaluating the revenue cycle; coding data; creating business intelligence reports, and researching growth opportunities.

In addition, I am also an active member of student organizations. As the President of Student Healthcare Executives (StuHE) club, I represent the club at university-related events, including recruitment events."

Namarata, Epidemiology, MP
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