Graduate Programs at ITECH Lyon



ITECH Lyon offers you the chance in to start careers in 4 highly specialized fields, all based on polymer science and its applications, but each giving you the possibility of discovering dynamic industries consistently in need of new talent.

If you're a graduate in chemistry and are looking to further your studies and experiences, then we offer 3 year Master's training in Chemistry and Engineering in:

  • Leather Manufacturing
  • Plastic Materials
  • Textile Materials
  • Formulation Chemistry of Coating Products and Cosmetics

Common core curriculum in polymer chemistry and physical chemistry gives students the basis for understanding the different raw materials needed, their properties, how you choose them… You will also delve into formulation theory and practical lab work as well as learning the different characterization techniques needed to evaluate the quality of your final cosmetic or coating product.

Our strong points are:
  • Guaranteed valuable student work experience: at least 10 months of internships over the 3-year course, with an additional 9 months for gap years
  • International experience: at least 1 exchange semester + 1 internship abroad
  • Strong industrial network
  • High employment rate after graduation (60% on graduation day...)
  • Accredited master's level degree: CTI (France) and EUR-ACE (Europe)
  • Full program available in English and French
  • Social sciences and entrepreneurship courses to give you a multi-disciplinary approach to your career…
Based in Lyon, a dynamic and culturally rich part of France, 2 hours from Paris, the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. 2nd largest student city and gastronomical capital of France.
Our Programs

Formulation Chemistry

The Formulation Chemistry major offered by ITECH Lyon allows students to become highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers in the fields of Paints, Cosmetics, Inks and Adhesives. Improvements on and discovery of new polymer based mixtures is continuously opening new horizons for these industries.

Whether it's phasing out ingredients for sustainable reasons, such as making zinc-free anti-corrosion powder coatings, or simply finding new design patterns for the next big smart phone, the science and research needed creates many opportunities for those wishing to be creative in an industry which is constantly evolving.


The Textile specialization proposed by ITECH covers many upstream industries involved in the making of textile materials, as well as the different application sectors such as medical, civil engineering, sport equipment, automotive, aeronautical, furnishing and clothing industries.

The textile engineering training involves understanding the physical-chemical properties of raw materials used in textile technology as well as the different techniques: computer aided design, spinning, weaving, weft and warp knitting, finishing…

You'll be able to follow the development of products at all stages in the process: from conception to prototyping to the overall organization of the production, all whilst dealing with the many stakes along the way such as customer satisfaction in apparel and quality control in the medical industry.

If you are looking to apply your undergraduate chemistry background in a sector that offers opportunities throughout the world then the ITECH Masters in Textile engineering is for you.


ITECH engineers distinguish themselves from other chemistry schools through advanced teaching the manufacturing of plastic materials. On top of fundamental knowledge, ITECH plastic manufacturing engineers complement their speciality with aspects of the other majors such as coating technologies with Formulation Chemistry, composite materials used in transport, sports and leisure, and geo-textiles.

From hygiene to aeronautics, automotive to sports, many sectors make use of plastic manufacturing engineers who can work as much with raw material suppliers as with "formulators".

This could involve 2D and 3D piecework conception, injection and profile extrusion technology, thermoforming, raw material research…


ITECH is the only institution in Europe offering a master's level engineering degree in leather that suits the industry in all its aspects. The leather engineer's job involves the transformation of raw skin into the finished product.

Practical workshops are essential and dominant in this major with many qualities required: observation, touch, practical knowledge, rigor, aesthetics. ITECH leather engineers work for large chemistry product firms, in tanneries and taweries and for the users: leather shops, shoe makers... The leather market spreads worldwide and also requires extreme mobility, versatility and adaptability.


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