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Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of challenging study opportunities in international business management, business information technology, hospitality, restaurant and tourism management, management assistant education and sports and leisure management with a focus on service, sales and entrepreneurial competence. We also offer vocational teacher education.

Altogether, we offer close to forty Bachelor’s programs and ten Master’s programs. A total of fifteen programs are in English. Haaga-Helia conducts applied research and organizes development activities that focus on innovative products, services and business operations for the benefit of businesses as well as the society.

Here at Haaga-Helia we emphasizes a hands-on education experience, and all the activities reflect the realities of the market. We are proud to work closely with a number of leading international companies from different industries. This unique closeness to industry enhances the learning experience for our students, and companies benefit from research and development projects carried out by our faculty of experts.

Eligibility to apply to the Master level degree programme requires:

A Bachelor’s (or a higher) degree in an equivalent field and at least three years (36 months) of relevant work experience after completing one’s Bachelor degree.

International Students at Haaga-Helia

Our international academic network consists of over 200 partner universities and we have more than 1,000 foreign students. Haaga-Helia also encourages international growth, and in terms of teacher and student mobility, it is the most international university of applied sciences in Finland.

About Us

Haaga-Helia has strong traditions. The school was created by businessmen to satisfy a perceived need and these days, Haaga-Helia continues to maintain a close and special relationship with businesses in Finland and internationally.

We have close to 11,000 undergraduates and graduates and altogether Haaga-Helia have five campuses and six hundred professionals.

The lecturers are experts in their fields with extensive theoretical background and work experience in a wide variety of industries.

Apply to Haaga-Helia with the SAT Test!

You can apply to the following English-language Haaga-Helia programmes with the SAT without sitting an entrance exam.  Only the new SAT (taken after March 2016) is acceptable.

The test must be taken on one of the test dates in autumn 2017 at latest. Check the test dates and register here 



Aviation and Tourism Business
The Degree Programme in Aviation and Tourism Business has two paths: Aviation and tourism, and it leads to a Master’s degree in Hospitality Management. 
Duration: 1.5 years
Deadline: AUTUMN 2019
Business Technologies
Graduates from this programme are prepared for work in challenging expert and managerial positions in the field of ICT and digitalisation. 
Duration: 1.5 years
Deadline: AUTUMN 2019
Leading Business Transformation
Graduates from this programme are prepared for work in challenging expert and managerial positions in private and public sector.
Duration: 1.5 years
Deadline: AUTUMN 2019


From student to entrepreneur – Konstantinos Karatsevidis, founder and CEO of Eve-Tech Oy

When Konstantinos Karatsevidis embarked on his studies at Haaga-Helia, he had no plans to start his own business. However, life took a surprising turn for the Greek-Ukrainian student: Konstantinos now runs his own company making smart devices alongside his studies.

Konstantinos has had an interest in IT and business since he was at school in Ukraine. After upper secondary school, he decided to look for a study place abroad.
He had been interested in Finland ever since visiting the country as a child. Finnish mythology was not the only thing that captured his imagination.

"Finland and the Finnish education system enjoy a good reputation in Ukraine, although I did consider other options, too. In the end, I chose Finland and Haaga-Helia because of that reputation," says Konstantinos.

He enrolled at Haaga-Helia in January 2012. By the time he had been at Haaga-Helia for two years, Konstantinos had launched Eve-Tech Oy with a business partner.

"The work placement period of my degree programme was a great opportunity to start a business. I received a lot of support from Haaga-Helia, including the StartUp School,"
Konstantinos explains.

In 2015, Eve-Tech launched its first product, the Eve T1 tablet, which attracted interest internationally. The company has secured heavyweight partners including Microsoft.

EVE-Tech's approach is crowd development, a form of crowdsourcing that draws heavily on user feedback. Konstantinos encourages everyone at Haaga-Helia to participate in the development of Eve-Tech products.

"We want to make products that are suitable and available for everyone. Our aim is to create a product that combines the lightness of a tablet with the performance of a laptop," says Konstantinos.

From student to entrepreneur – Konstantinos Karatsevidis, founder and CEO of Eve-Tech Oy
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