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California Institute of Advanced Management (CIAM) - A Revolution in Business Education
About CIAM
Established in 2011, California Institute of Advanced Management (CIAM) is a 501c(3) non-profit University dedicated to connecting theory to application. Students can gain valuable hands-on experience with up to a dozen real companies in various industries as part of their coursework, to provide a wide range and depth of experience while in school to not only succeed, but thrive.
California Institute of Advanced Management (CIAM) campusCIAM was founded by Dr. William A. Cohen (Major General USAF, Ret.) and Ms. Jennie Ta (current President) on the belief that business education should be directly applicable to a student's career and future, not detached from the real world. Peter Drucker, “The Father of Modern Management” and our guiding leader, always emphasized application and action rather than theory alone.
  • CIAM accepts students from all over the world into our MBA program!
  • With a 10-to-1 student-faculty ratio, you will be sure to get the dedicated attention you deserve.
  • Hands-on experiential learning, work with real US businesses in-class and online.
  • CPT and OPT programs available for those who qualify.
The CIAM campus is located in the heart of Southern California, just a few miles east of Downtown Los Angeles. Los Angeles’ population is close to 4 million and is served by LAX International Airport. The Greater Los Angeles Area is home to Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, and many other famous cities. All cities offer world class museums, performance arts centers, professional sports and nightclubs.
Studying in America at California Institute of Advanced Management (CIAM)
CIAM Student Consulting Team with Project Client, Don Kendrick, Mayor of the city of La Verne.
Revolutionary New MBA Program – Consulting Based “Learn by Doing”
CIAM has pioneered a new model of education that blends real world application with classroom theory, achieved through real consulting services performed in class. Our MBA in Executive Management and Entrepreneurship is designed to provide our students with the most hands-on, in-depth, experiential learning curriculum possible for our students. Students engage with local US businesses via these live consulting projects and gain real business experience in their business course subjects, while local US businesses gain professional recommendations and creative, achievable alternatives for solving their problems or exploiting opportunities.

With up to 12 real live consulting projects with US businesses, students are expected to perform professional level business projects and fully immerse themselves in the US business environment. These projects are all supervised by professors and a professional consultant to ensure quality for local business at no charge. 

CIAM alumni, students, and administrators all believe that CIAM's experiential learning model is the future of business education. Professors from elite schools like Harvard, Berkeley, Yale, UCLA, etc have joined our cause through guest lectures, supporting our efforts to provide the best model of education possible. To date, CIAM student consultants have delivered over 77 unique projects worldwide for companies such as Universal Studios Hollywood, American Red Cross, California State University Northridge, FEMSA/Coca-Cola, and many more
Student Success is Our Number One Priority
As a new startup school with a dream for a new revolutionary form of education, CIAM was designed to:
  • Be incredibly hands-on and immediately applicable
  • Provide a high-quality Drucker based education
  • Only have PhD level expert professors
  • Be flexible for any schedule
  • Be affordable on any budget
  • Be available anywhere in the world
Student learning outcomes are the core and focus of our University. Student feedback has directly helped design and refine our educational model to meet the changing demands of the modern world. Their successes have helped us pioneer a new frontier in business education, the very first student lead and operated consulting team of its kind. Here's what our graduates had to say:
  • 92% felt the program directly benefited them
  • 91% felt directly prepared with skills for the job market
  • 89% were very satisfied with the teaching and learning environment
  • 86% were completely satisfied with their education
Gradutes from California Institute of Advanced Management (CIAM)



MBA in Executive Management and Entrepreneurship
Becoming a true business leader requires many skills, but most of all, it requires meaningful hands-on experience. CIAM’s master of business administration (MBA) program offers the professional training, personalized guidance, and real world experience you need to gain not only skills, but also the experience to succeed.
Duration: 11-months or 22-months
Deadline: Ongoing


Srini Santhanam (Graduated Sep'14)

"I was personally involved with 12 consulting clients which gave me exposure to twelve different industries... Other universities are not doing what CIAM is doing: real-world consulting, including experiential learning and thinking on your feet. That is what makes this program unique."

Srini Santhanam (Graduated Sep'14)
Miranda Lam (Graduated in Jun, 2015)

"CIAM’s rigorous, dynamic courses challenged me to perform in many areas, from public speaking to conducting and producing professional business consulting reports. I am very grateful for the education I have received at CIAM."

Miranda Lam (Graduated in Jun, 2015)
Edward Martinez (Graduated in Apr, 2014)

"The university’s unique teaching structure has contributed to the enhancement of my leadership and communication skills through every consulting engagement and exposure to the 'real-world experience.'"

Edward Martinez (Graduated in Apr, 2014)
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