Graduate Programs at CEFAM (Centre d’Etudes Franco-Américain de Management)
CEFAM (Centre d’Etudes Franco-Américain de Management)

CEFAM (Centre d’Etudes Franco-Américain de Management)

CEFAM (Centre d’Etudes Franco-Américain de Management)
CEFAM is the only school in France that allows all of its students to simultaneously obtain two recognized degrees – one French and the other American – in partnership with AACSB accredited American universities.
Study in France and America
CEFAM (Centre d’Etudes Franco-Américain de Management) was founded in 1986 to respond to the growing internationalization of markets and companies. The school prepares its students for careers in management, not only through the content of its programs but also through its academic organization, in association with several renowned American universities.
Two main choices have always been fundamental to CEFAM’s primary focus:
  • Complete part of the program in France before continuing, first at an undergraduate (BBA) level and then at a graduate (MBA) level, at one of CEFAM’s affiliated universities while simultaneously earning two degrees:
    • One French, the CEFAM degree, recognized in France and in Europe
    • The other American, conferred by a prestigious, AACSB accredited university
  • Deliver the entire program in English, starting in the first year, thanks to an international faculty
CEFAM is still today the only school that allows all of its students to study in the United States and obtain a degree from a prestigious American university. During their year in the United States, CEFAM students acquire independence, confidence, and responsibility.

Considering CEFAM to be an American school in France because English is used in the classroom and its programs are based on an “Anglo-Saxon” format would be an oversimplification, at best. Its mission spreads over the globe, as the international careers of our alumni over the past 30 years will attest. Our graduates work in high level positions throughout the world.
Study in the United States and obtain a degree from a prestigious American university
Studying at CEFAM
CEFAM has embraced cutting-edge pedagogy to ensure students learn more, explore more, and engage in more depth with each of their subjects.Whether it is a growing collection of mixed-mode courses delivered face-to-face as well as online, the use of world’s best practice simulations and business games, English seminars for students who need to improve their language skills, or the office hours that allow students to have individual consultations with any of their professors, CEFAM is a model of pedagogical innovation in a competitive business school environment.

At CEFAM, we encourage students to find personal fulfillment and bring true meaning to their education and careers. CEFAM provides access to an excellent education while taking into consideration the needs and expectations of today’s companies in an ever-changing world. We have opted for a learner-centered focus.

CEFAM’s faculty and staff have one ambition – the academic, professional, and personal success of all their students. Our graduates are employed in high level positions throughout the world.

CEFAM clearly affirms its secular nature by accepting individuals from all faiths, as well as those who do not follow a particular faith, and does not abide discrimination of any kind based on gender, nationality, or its students’ ethnicity.
Students at CEFAM
Applying to CEFAM
Directly after high school graduation (or after 1 or 2 years spent in a different institution), CEFAM welcomes students from around the world. Applicants must first complete an application, before taking the entrance exam; both fall and spring admissions are available. The objective of CEFAM’s entrance exam is truly to identify those who have the potential to become future international managers.

Although it is not necessary to be bilingual to enter the CEFAM program, a solid level in English is required to be able to take courses directly in English in the 1st year. For those students whose language skills need improvement, CEFAM recommends its 1 semester intensive English program (Foundation Program).
Practical Information
  • The results will be sent out within 2 weeks of the exam session.
  • CEFAM applicants can only take the entrance exam 1 time per year.
  • Admission to the entrance exam is valid 1 year.
  • Transfer Student Admission
  • As CEFAM's academic system is based on the American model, transfer students can gain admission depending on their academic background and results.



After applying to tons of offers, I have finally found my placement through Placement UK, a free online agency based in the UK, that helps European students find undergraduate and graduate internships in the UK. The company I worked for is called GRP Tools and is UK’s leading manufacturer of tools in the GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) industry. It’s a small company counting about 20 employees. The company’s offices are located above the warehouse and factory in an industrial estate in Southampton, Hampshire.

My role as a Sales Assistant was to monitor the sales of the company and I was mainly in charge of our French customers. Knowing I was interested in Finance, my internship supervisor gave me some accounting, budgeting and analysis projects. Also as it was a small company, I did some transversal work: administrative work and marketing projects for example. This was quite interesting as you can see all the aspect of the company. This was my first real experience in the professional world. The part I liked the most was working in a British company with English colleagues. I was able to practice my English every day with my clients and co-workers. Also, since the company is expanding worldwide, I had the chance to correspond with many different nationalities: Czech, Spanish, Italian, Asian... However, I don’t see myself working in such a small company and in such a technical field. I am not really interested in sales and marketing and being able to see it from a more practical way made me realize this is not what I want to specialize in. My advice for future CEFAM students would be: don’t stress over your internship, you will find a placement eventually.


Finding an internship is never easy. However, thanks to the internet and the web platforms specialized in job searches, it has become easier and faster to find one. I found my internship in Tetrad Ltd. Tetrad Ltd is a furniture company based in Preston, Lancashire UK. This company is specialized in furniture production and delivers its collections across the world for renowned companies such as John Lewis, Roche-Bobois and others. During my internship I was in charge of assisting the Export and Sales department as well as the Marketing department. I mostly dealt with customers’ requests and questions. In the marketing department my objectives were to promote the company’s products mostly for the factory outlet, find new strategies to improve the number of followers, and increase the company’s sales.

The environment in the head office was pretty good. People were very kind and willing to help you if you were in trouble. Living in the UK by yourself for a 3-month period can be quite difficult at times as you have to deal with cultural differences. Nevertheless, I learned a lot about the professional environment, as to what behaviour to adopt at the office for example, and I also learned a lot about myself. I advise future interns to start looking for an internship as soon as possible because time is not an unlimited resource. It is important to anticipate as it can take a while to get a visa or a company’s contract. But, this is an experience that will most likely teach you a lot about yourself.

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