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Study a graduate program in sociology

What will I study in a graduate sociology program?

Are you passionate about finding out how societies and individuals function? Want to enrich the way you think about politics and communities? Have a strong interest in people?
Graduate social science programs can lead those who are interested in how the world works into numerous different careers. A balance of practical and theoretical studies could lead you into jobs in sectors as varied as politics, psychology or social services – so there are plenty of areas to choose from when you graduate from a social sciences postgraduate course.
Graduate social science courses you could choose from range from anthropology to gender studies to socio-linguistics, to numerous others in a wide number of areas.  A postgraduate course in social sciences will give you a highly sought after set of skills, including communication, research and teamwork. All these skills will be invaluable when you graduate and begin looking for a job – they are the first things that employers will look for, especially in the social sciences sector.

Length of program

Graduate programs in social sciences vary in length depending on where you choose to study. Postgraduate courses generally last the following duration in these countries:  

  • UK – 1-2 years
  • US – 1-3 years
  • China – 1-3 years
  • Canada – 1-2 years

Entry requirements

To secure a place on a graduate social science program you will have to have completed an undergraduate degree in a related subject – for example psychology, sociology, anthropology or politics.  

A large number of graduate social sciences programs involve working with the public, and with people who may be vulnerable, so you may be required to undergo a criminal records check.  This will largely depend on the kind of graduate program you choose.

If you are studying in a country other than your own you may be asked to take a test in the language of the country you are planning to study in.

Career development

Because social science covers such a wide area, your options with a graduate program in the area are diverse. You could choose to work in local or central government, in policy making, in the care sector or even in education or business. Your skillset after completing a graduate social science program will be wide, so any organisation that interests you may have a the potential to offer you a career draws on the things that you have learnt.

Alternatively, if the academic side of social science still fascinates you after your graduate program you could go into further study with a doctorate, become a professor or get involved with academic research.

Fees and funding

Fees for graduate programs will vary depending on where you decide to study. As a rough guide, you should expect to pay the following:

  • UK - £1,300 - £20,500
  • USA - $7,400 - $45,900
  • Germany  - €500 - €7,500 (per semester)
  • China – RMB 20,000 – 30,000

What to do next

If you would like more information about studying a graduate program in sociology, fill out our Free Application Service and we'll get in touch with information tailored to your needs, including some great courses in this area.