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Study a graduate program in architecture

What will I study in a graduate architecture program?

Want to build living environments that will amaze and astound generations to come with their beauty and practicality? Think you could design the next Gherkin or Golden Gate Bridge? A postgraduate course in architecture could be for you.
Graduate architecture programs focus on building both your technical design skills and your knowledge of architecture theory to develop your all round ability. Most graduate courses will also offer technical exams and professional qualifications that allow you to start progressing towards chartered status.

Length of program

The length of a graduate architecture program depends on where you study, but it was one of the lengthiest programs to study. Postgraduate courses generally last the following duration in these countries: 
  • UK – 5-7 years
  • US – 5-7 years
  • China – 4-6 years
  • Canada – 5-7 years

Entry requirements

In order to get onto a graduate architecture program, you will be expected to have completed an undergraduate degree in a related subject such as architecture, building, engineering or science.  

As many graduate architecture programs contain a study abroad element, you will be expected to be able to travel. Make sure your passport and visa requirements are up to date.

 If you are studying in a country where the first language is different from your own, you may be required to take a language test to prove your skills.

Career development

A postgraduate course in architecture will often include modules that help you to work towards professional qualifications in the sector, such as architecture, surveying or town planning.

A typical architect’s job will include surveying sites, design development, construction and working with the building company to ensure all drawings and specifications are approved.  

If you are planning for a future career as an architect, you should consider becoming a member of professional body and continuing your development and studies throughout your career.

Some of the jobs included in this field are:
  • Architect
  • Business and management
  • Management consulting
  • Urban and rural planning

Fees and funding

The cost of graduate architecture programs varies widely from country to country and university to university. Remember that fees depend on whether you are a home, EU or international student. As a guide, expect to pay the following in these countries per year:
  • UK - £4,500 - £17,000
  • USA - $5,000 - $30,000
  • Germany  €2,000 - €5,000
  • Canada - $4,000-8,000
  • China – RMB 21,000-24,000

What to do next

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