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Study a graduate program in archaeology

What will I study on a graduate archaeology program?

Interested in discovering long lost societies, finding out all about artefacts and travelling the world? A graduate archaeology program is your ticket to a world of adventure and possibly even becoming the next Indiana Jones.
Graduate archaeology programs provide an excellent vocational foundation for students looking for a lasting career in field archaeology or in academia.
A postgraduate course in archaeology will usually focus on a specific area of the world such as Asia or Africa. Part of the course will usually involve fieldwork in your chosen destination, so this is a perfect course for adventurous students looking for a challenge.

Length of program

The length of a graduate archaeology program depends on where you study. Postgraduate courses generally last the following duration in these countries:  
  • UK – 2-3 years
  • US – 2-3 years
  • China – 2-3 years
  • Canada – 2-3 years

Entry requirements

In order to get onto a graduate archaeology program, you will be expected to have completed an undergraduate degree in a related subject such as geography, geology, history, anthropology or classics.

As many graduate archaeology programs contain a study abroad element, you will be expected to be able to travel. Make sure your passport and visa requirements are up to date.

 If you are studying in a country where the first language is different from your own, you may be required to take a language test to prove your skills.

Career development

Archaeology is a broad subject which can be used with many others such as geography and history, so career options with a postgraduate degree are wide.

A typical archaeologist’s job will include surveying sites, working on field excavations, simulating how a building would have been created and conducting research. Archaeologists may also work in conservation or local authority planning.

If you are planning for a future career in archaeology, you should consider becoming a member of professional body and continuing your development and studies throughout your career.

Some of the jobs included in this field are:
  • Architect
  • Nature conservation officer
  • Geographical data professor
  • Lecturer

Fees and funding

The cost of graduate archaeology programs varies widely from country to country and university to university. Remember that fees depend on whether you are a home, EU or international student. As a guide, expect to pay the following in these countries per year:
  • UK - £4,500 - £17,000
  • USA - $5,000 - $30,000
  • Germany  €2,000 - €5,000
  • Canada - $4,000-8,000
  • China – RMB 21,000-24,000

What to do next

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