Western University - Faculty of Education

Western University - Faculty of Education

Lisa Ramshaw – EdD ’18 – Field of Educational Leadership

As a senior manager of a global education company, Lisa Ramshaw works to develop partnerships with universities and educational institutes around the world. Her role is to help these organizations acquire training and higher education opportunities for their staff and leaders. The job is filled with frequent travel. Though she lives in Dubai, in any given month Lisa can be found working with partners everywhere from Singapore and Africa to locations across Europe, the U.S. and Canada. It’s a busy schedule, one that made pursuing her own higher educational opportunities a challenge. After careful consideration, Lisa chose to enroll in the Faculty of Education’s EdD.

“I had a desire to earn that next level of qualification, and on an international scale the EdD comes with a certain degree of academic credibility that really goes far. I like the degree because it’s broken into smaller pieces with respect to classes and assignments, so it’s possible to do in relationship to my full-time position. I can also work to make it directly related to what I do through problems of practice. The online design makes it manageable and you can see the different methodologiesand approaches the instructors bring to the courses. I can’t wait to continue.”

Lisa Ramshaw – EdD ’18 – Field of Educational Leadership
Juanita Muise – MPED ’17 – Field of Educational leadership, focused in Aboriginal Education

As a teacher in a First Nations school, Juanita Muise wanted to learn more about the ways in which schools could integrate Indigenous perspectives into their curriculum and teachings. She felt more could be done to emphasize Canada’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) heritage, not only in First Nations schools but in all schools across the country.

When she found Western’s MPEd focused in Aboriginal Education, she knew it was the right environment in which to conduct her research. She’s currently investigating how a select number of principals have successfully integrated an Indigenous perspective into their schools, and how this approach could be incorporated on a broad level.

“To reform a school system, it takes someone competent enough who knows enough about FNMI perspectives, for example, to be able to make that change. This program is great because it really focuses on the leadership side of things. I would encourage all educational leaders, regardless of nationality, to explore this program. They will learn agreat deal, and will be able to step up and become the leader and ally that we need in order to advance our education system in Canada.”

Juanita Muise – MPED ’17 – Field of Educational leadership, focused in Aboriginal Education
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