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About UCLA & UCLA Extension
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of the most prestigious and top-ranked universities in the world. A division of UCLA, UCLA Extension is the largest, single-campus continuing education program in the world, and offers a wide variety of individual courses and programs for students and professionals. Our student body includes nearly 3,000 international students and professionals per year. Many professionals who have university degrees enroll in UCLA Extension courses and programs to update their knowledge in such fields as engineering, computer science, business and management, and health sciences.
University of California, Los Angeles
Pre-Master's Preparation Program
Offered by the American Language Center (ALC), a department within UCLA Extension, Pre-Master's Preparation program prepares international students for success in U.S. graduate and professional programs.
  Pre-Master’s Preparation is an intensive program and offers the following:
  • Graduate-level academic English skills
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • GMAT and GRE Preparation, TOEFL iBT Preparation and/or IELTS Preparation
  • Assistance selecting and applying to graduate schools
  • Personalized academic advising
  • Strategies for academic success
  • Enrollment in UCLA or UCLA Extension courses for academic credit

The Pre-Master’s Preparation is suitable for students who:

  • Plan to apply to graduate programs in the U.S.
  • Have been accepted into a U.S. graduate program
UCLA in California
Located on the Pacific Coast in the southern part of the state, Los Angeles (L.A.) is the largest city in California. The warm, sunny year-round climate is ideal for outdoor sports and recreation, including swimming, surfing, golf, tennis, hiking, and many other activities. L.A. is a city of contrasts, with beautiful beaches, mountains, desert landscapes, the hustle and bustle of business districts and freeways, and the small-town feel of peaceful neighborhoods and quiet industry, L.A. is also a hub for international business, fashion, design, and culture, especially for a wide variety of museums, concert halls, and live theatre.
UCLA and UCLA Extension are located in Westwood Village, one of the safest and most attractive neighborhoods in Los Angeles.Westwood Village features multiple movie theatres, cafes, fast food and fine dining restaurants, supermarkets, a department store, and a farmer's market on Thursdays.
Campus Life
As a UCLA Extension student, you will enjoy UCLA's recreational facilities that include a tennis center, swimming pools, and a fitness center. Rock climbing, surfing, sailing, and mountain biking are year-round sports; skiing and snowboarding in the nearby mountains are popular in winter months. When you're not studying, you can explore beautiful beaches and mountains, great shopping centers, exciting nightlife, impressive art galleries, and attend movie premiers.
Sports facilities at UCLA
UCLA Extension students typically live off campus, usually in privately-owned residence halls, homestays, or furnished apartments. Off-campus, non-UCLA housing is available year-round; students make reservations directly with housing providers.
Services for International Students
International Student Office (ISO)
International Student Office (ISO) guides students throughout their studies at UCLA Extension and assists them with visa and immigration issues.

ISO Counseling services include:
  • Document preparation for F-1 student visas
  • Visa status changes
  • Transfers from one school to another
  • Temporary travel outside the U.S.
Injury & Sickness Insurance
Injury and Sickness Insurance is included in the Pre-Master’s Preparation student services fee.
Students at UCLA
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