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Interior Architecture & Design
LISAA - Art and Design School
LISAA is an art & design school recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. It trains designers and managers in the fields of Animation, Video Games, Interior Architecture, Design, Graphic Design and Fashion.

LISAA provides a human scale framework for studies in which students enjoy a close relationship with the teaching staff. Open to the world, LISAA encourages its students to study abroad through the ERASMUS program and do internships in companies abroad or in France.
Animation & Video Games
  • LISAA is one of the few schools recognised by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication
  • LISAA's qualifications are listed on the French Register of Professional Certifications (level II – BAC+3 years of further education and level I – BAC+5 years of further education) and state-approved qualification (BTS)
  • LISAA's qualifications are professionally oriented
  • LISAA teaching is project-based and in partnership with businesses
  • LISAA is reputed among professionals: it is a member of SNJV, RECA, FDE and recognised by UNAID
  • LISAA is at the top of rankings, among the most valued schools by professionals
  • LISAA courses are led by active professionals
  • LISAA is the guarantee of individual tutor follow-up, in small workshops in the heart of the city
  • LISAA is the biggest design school in France
  • LISAA counts over 5000 graduates in its alumni network, that run jobs with responsabilities all over the world
  • LISAA offers its 5000 alumni more than 800 internship and job offers available on its plateform
  • LISAA promotes exchanges as a member of the international network of schools of art and design Cumulus, and hold a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education
Interior Architecture & Design
  • 3rd best private interior architecture school - L'Étudiant 2016

  • 4th best private fashion school - L'Étudiant 2015
  • Top 7 fashion schools in Paris - Glamour 2016
  • top 8 schools specialising in fashion - Studyrama
  • Top 11 fashion schools - L'Express 2015

Graphic Design & Motion Design
  • 4th best private school for graphic design - L'Étudiant 2016

Animation & Video Games
  • 3rd best digital art school in the world - Imagine FX Magazine (US)
  • 20th best animation and video games school in the world - Autodesk CG Students Awards 2015 (US)
  • Top 10 French schools ranked in the best animation schools in the world - Animation Career Review 2015 (US)
  • 4th best video games school - L'Étudiant 2015
  • 7th best animation school - L'Étudiant 2015
  • 7th best private video games school - Le Figaro Étudiant 2015
  • Top 10 animated cinema schools - Studyrama 2016

Introductury Course in Applied Arts
  • Top 5 private applied arts schools "with a good reputation" to prepare for competitive exams for higher education fine art schools - Le Figaro Étudiant 2016
Fasion Design at LISAA
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