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INSEEC Business School

INSEEC Business School

INSEEC Business School
INSEEC is a network of leading Management and Communication schools located in France in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Chambéry (French Alps), with campuses in Monaco, London, Geneva and Chicago.  
INSEEC offers top masters degrees in the main areas of Management, Finance, Marketing and Communication. Core values are academic excellence, corporate knowledge and relations, and international opportunities.  
Founded 40 years ago, INSEEC has now 15,500 students, 45,000 alumni, and 200 academic partners abroad and has become a world-leading institution.
Students at INSEEC Business School
Masters programmes at INSEEC
A master degree from INSEEC is one that is recognised  throughout the world, allowing those who have achieved it the stepping stone  that they need to begin their career in a global business or communication  community.
INSEEC offers internationally respected masters courses  within two broad areas:   
  • Management
  • Communication

All masters courses last  one or two years and are offered, under the umbrella of either Management or  Communication, in the fieldsof  Finance, general Management and Luxury and Hospitality.
The programmes offered are  extremely well respected, and many are all ranked within the top ten masters courses in France in their areas.
Here are the  master courses you can study at INSEEC:
  • MSc Corporate Finance and  Investment Banking (London)
  • MSc Investment Management  and Private Equity (London)

  • MSc Business Innovation and  Entrepreneurship (London)
  • MSc Commercial Engineering  and Project Management (Lyon)   
  • MSc International  Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (Bordeaux)   
  • MSc Tourism Marketing &  Management (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon)   
  • MSc International  Business Management (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Chambery, London)

Luxury & Hospitality   
  • MSc Fashion Marketing,  Design & Brand Strategies (Paris, Bordeaux)   
  • MSc Luxury Hospitality and  Event Management (Chambery)
International students at INSEEC
INSEEC is an international institution with campuses in  France, Switzerland, the UK and the USA, reflecting the need for business and  communication to be globally connected fields.
This international mindset means that INSEEC is a popular  choice for foreign students. With 34 nationalities represented in the student  community (36% are from Western Europe, 22% from North America and 21% from  Asia), it’s not difficult to see why.
All courses are taught in either English or French, so  international students are likely to have to demonstrate their capability in  one of these languages as part of the admissions process.
Life at INSEEC
INSEEC has campuses in some of the world’s most sought-after  cities. Cultural Bordeaux, in southwestern France, is best known as a  wine-growing region but is also a thriving student city whose residents enjoy  an exceptionally high quality of life. It’s also a hub for digital technologies  – something that INSEEC School of Communication uses to benefit the  professional quality of its degrees.
Further east at INSEEC’s Lyon campus, students can immerse  themselves in the UNESCO-listed history that surrounds the university’s modern  facilities, and when classes have finished can play sport and cycle on the  banks of the Rhone or visit the coast, mountains or lakes that are only a  stone’s throw away.
The global centres of Paris, Chicago and London speak for  themselves, offering an almost unlimited number of career and networking  opportunities – as well as world-class culture and entertainment – to those who  choose to study there. All are hugely popular cities for students – 300,000  choose Paris every year; INSEEC students can look forward to studying in a  historic building on the banks of the Seine. In London, INSEEC’s campus is right in heart of the city, between  Regents Park and Oxford Street. Both campuses are perfectly situated for the  wealth of professional opportunities that INSEEC can provide. In Chicago,  students benefit from the opportunities that living in one of the USA’s most popular  cities brings.
Nestled in the French Alps, INSEEC’s Chambery campus offers  an entirely different experience – but not a lesser one. Here students benefit  from all the professional and digital resources and wide-ranging support that  is found at the other campuses, with the added draw of untouched countryside  and even an onsite summer pavilion for leisure time.
INSEEC in: Paris, Bordeaux, Chambery, Geneve Monaco, London, Chicago, Sand Francisco and Shanghai
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