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Program Features:
An Internship or Placements in your career field, enables you develop new skills, sharpen your knowledge and skills and compliments your CV. GAC’s internship provides you with experienced Mentors and Coaches who will provide the guidance and support you need to enable you excel and stand out in the job market. Attend networking events, interact with professionals from the silicon Valley and Wall Street, travel and explore China like a local, make new friends from all over the world, learn the Chinese language, join our global alumni group and benefit from our Job Search Assistance and CV distribution after your internship.
About GAC
For over 13 years, Go Abroad China (GAC) has been the leading provider of paid internships in China. We are partnered with more than 600 established internship companies in China and have over 2,000 internship opportunities to choose from. GAC has successfully created life-changing experiences through our Chinese internship and language programs arranged each year and have provided job opportunities in China for young professionals worldwide. Our dynamic and guaranteed programs have attracted over 4,000 talented undergraduates, graduates and young professionals from over 80 countries globally, who have all gained professional and interpersonal skills, keeping them ahead in the job market.

Our internships are custom made, based on individual personal preferences, sectors, backgrounds, interests, and goals. We support and manage all your needs before you arrive in China and during your program, allowing you to complete your internship program smoothly, explore the rich Chinese culture and have fun interacting with the locals and other foreigners living abroad. Our China Internship Programs prepare and help you accustom to your internship company environment.
Students at Go Abroad China
Why GAC China internship program?
We provide:
  • The best professional internship placements with guaranteed salary and based on personal preferences
  • Job roles and positions in line with your career with opportunities of working on real projects, accounting for your progress on weekly and monthly basis
  • Internship Training and career advices and programs that enable you gain a true understanding of the Chinese business culture and language.
  • Services that broaden your horizon on opportunities in the world, travel in China and immersive experiences that transform your views about China
  • An All-Inclusive Service Pack, nice housing accommodation, airport transfers, Visa assistance, pre-departure assistance, onsite orientation and Chinese language courses
  • Networking and cultural events, Electives, excursions and trips
  • Continuous feedback about your progress and performance from you internship company
  • 24/7 Onsite support from our dedicated and professional staffs
  • No Risk Payment Policy with the Best Competitive Prices
  • A reference letter and established contacts for your future career
  • A Certificate upon completion and credit transfers
We are determined and can proudly boast that yearly, 20% of participants in our Chinese internship programs have all successfully achieved permanent jobs in their internship companies after the completion of their program.
Benefit of Go Abroad China internship in China program
Our internship programs enhance professional development, confidence and networkinggiving you marketable skills that would put you ahead in the job market. Mixed with avariety of networking events, business classes and courses, and cultural trips andactivities, we can guarantee your experience would be an immersive and engaging one.At GAC while we strive to provide exceptional opportunities, we also want our programsto be available and cost effective for everyone.  We completely understand thatsometimes, acquiring enough funds can be an obstacle.As a result of this, GAC offers various scholarships to cover your programs cost andaccommodation. We have also partnered with FundMyTravel, which has opened up theopportunity for you to fund your programs through the support of donations fromgenerous people.

Our programs enable you to:
  • Acquire knowledge about the business strategies and practices adapted in companies in China
  • Be prepared for future employments, internationally and greatly increase your chances of employment
  • Be more attractive and distinguishable from other graduates
  • Improve your CV with career related experiences, making you more marketable in the job market.
  • Learn the Chinese language and the Chinese history and culture
  • Be more open minded and accepting, making it easier for you to work in a multicultural environment.
  • Develop and build new relationships both in the personal and professional spheres of life by providing numerous networking events held in China

GAC programs:

Our programs have been developed to satisfy and serve the diversity and preferences of individuals who plan to visit China. Our diverse programs include:

Available industries:

  • Accounting Internships
  • Architecture and Interior Design Internship
  • Arts Internship
  • Automotive Engineering Technology Internship
  • Business Development / Administration Internship
  • Communications / Consulting Internship
  • Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil) Internship
  • Environment Studies Internship
  • Finance / Investment Internship
  • Graphic Design Internship
  • Green-Technology Internship
  • Hospitals / Pharmacy / Medicine Internship
  • Hotels/ Hospitality and Tourism Internship
  • Human Resources Management Internship
  • International Business / Trade & Consulting Internship
  • IT / Software / Web Development Internship
  • Journalism Internship
  • Legal / Law Internship
  • Marketing & Advertising Internship
  • Media / PR / Events Management Internship
  • NGOs & Charities Internship
  • Private Equity / Venture Capital Internship
  • Real Estate Internship

Internship Cities :

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai        
  • Qingdao
  • Shenzhen       
  • Nanjing           
  • Dalian
  • Hangzhou
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