Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University

Alex Parker (USA), MA 3D Computer Animation

"I’ve taken away a good handful of really valuable lessons from my time here, one of the most important ones being that there will always be someone who knows more about something than you do, whether it be rigging, animation, rendering, (or in my case, sometimes even turning the computer on), and there is absolutely no shame in asking those people for help! I’m a stubborn problem solver, and I’ll sit on a problem for days trying to fix something myself, when a simple question to a coursemate can sometimes fix it in minutes. The people around you have all been in your shoes at one point; this industry is a continuous learning process, and the help you can give one another is really invaluable."

Alex Parker (USA), MA 3D Computer Animation
Andreea, MSc Management with Project Management

"Don’t think too much, just choose BU and sign up, participate to every event you can. This may be your last chance to enjoy being a student. Live in the moment!

I can say that it won’t be always easy going through a postgraduate experience, but it will make you a better person. BU teachers will determine you to become better and your colleagues will teach you valuable real life lessons. Choose BU and you won’t regret it!"

Andreea, MSc Management with Project Management
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