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Where do UK postgrads want to study abroad?
Karam Filfilan

More than a third of UK students now want to study abroad compared with just 20% last year, according to new research by the British Council.thought bubble

The most popular destination for British graduates is unsurprisingly the US, with 33% of all students polled by the British Council wanting to head to America.

Australia (9%), France (5%), Germany (5%) and Canada (4%) make up the rest of the top five most popular countries for UK students, although a growing number are now considering courses in Asia.

The main reasons UK students look to head abroad include rising tuition fees, wanting to improve your language skills, the desire to experience a different culture and wanting to gain academic credit – all great reasons to consider a graduate program abroad.

“It is essential for the UK’s global competitiveness that our next generation gain more international skills and understanding, so it’s very encouraging to see that more UK students are considering studying abroad,” said Dr Jo Beall, the British Council’s director of education and society.

“The internationalisation of the UK’s education sector cannot be a one-way process. More of our young people need to be prepared to travel if we’re to catch up with countries like France and Germany,” she added.