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What are the world’s 20 most Googled universities?
Lucy Miller

2014's most searched for universities weren’t all amongst the world’s most prestigious.


508447385Instead prospective students were much more likely to look for online courses, as well as those in countries that might not be expected, according to research from the internet giant.


Bucking the expectations of the UK and the USA being the most searched for countries in terms of international Higher Education, it is India that takes five places in the top 20.


India’s most Google universities were the University of Calicut, Anna University, in Chennai, the University of Mumbai, the University of Rajasthan and Annamalai University in Tamil Nadu.


The most searched for institution in the world is the University of Phoenix in Arizona, in the southwest of the United States, which offers a huge number of online courses.


Of course, the world’s best universities did make an appearance – Massachusetts Institute of Technology was in second place, whilst Stanford University, London School of Economics, Columbia University and New York University (NYU) were all in the top ten.


Aside for MIT, however, none of these made the top five.


In third place was the Open University, which is based in Buckinghamshire in the UK but specialises in online and distance learning.


The Open University’s success reflects the widening of Higher Education, and the way that students from across the world can now engage with courses without having to physically attend lectures on live in a university city.


The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, often ranked as the best in the world, were in 13th and 16th place respectively.


Here is the list of top 20 most Googled universities in full:


1. University of Phoenix (Arizona, USA)


2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)


3. Open University


4. University of Calicut (Kerala, India)


5. University of California, Los Angeles


6. Anna University (Chennai, India)


7. Stanford University (California, USA)


8. London School of Economics


9. Columbia University (New York, USA)


10. New York University


11. University of Mumbai (Mumbai, India)


12. University College London


13. University of Oxford


14. Florida State University


15. Harvard University


16. University of Cambridge


17. Liberty University


18. University of Rajasthan (Rajasthan, India)


19. University of Michigan


20. Annamalai University (Tamil Nadu, India)