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The Virtues of Blogging
Lucy Miller

All the great adventurers and explorers kept diaries of their travels: Charles Darwin. Captain Scott. David Livingstone. So why should you be any different? There are of course a plethora of ways to archive and keep track of all your comings and goings in the top locations of the world, but few are easier or more user-friendly than a blog.




Sure, you can post updates on your Facebook or Instagram accounts, but what about your parents, grandparents, friends or prospective employers, that don’t wish to sift through pictures of your drunken forays, food snaps or funny cat videos to keep abreast with your experiences abroad? When you set up a blog these days, you do not need to be an expert in HTML coding or know complex graphic design. With web hosting services like 1&1, you can pick (so long as it is still available) your preferred domain name, choose from a selection of design templates, and then start blogging right away.


More Than Just a Blog


Other than keeping track of your life in one handy portal, maintaining and expanding a blog could well benefit you for monetary reasons too. Blogs are big news these days, as relevant companies jump at the chance to advertise on the top blogs.Depending on your ambitions of course, those wanting to make a career from arts based fields like journalism or photography, will have a massive head-start in life by having already much experience with a blog, as it can act as an online portfolio, not only showcasing your talent, but also displaying your affinity with the web.


If you want more than just an online scrap book, then go out of your way to stand out from other blogs and start looking for your own niche. You could blog about whatever interests you and what you believe others might be search for, e.g. ‘Best Bars for a First Date’, ‘Biggest City Parks to Get Lost In’ or ‘Secret Vintage Shops’. The tools are online and there for the taking; all you need is your idea and a snappy domain name.