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Russia approves grants for students to study abroad for free
Karam Filfilan

essay edge editRussian students interested in studying abroad will be able to get their tuition fees and living costs paid for after the Russian government approved a new funding program last week.


The Global Education program will fund Russian students looking for graduate programs of study abroad, providing they agree to work for a Russian company on graduation for a minimum of three years.


The students will be able to choose from an approved list of 150 schools in 25 countries, with the first set of funded programs starting this autumn.


“The aim of this program is for Russia to adopt the best foreign practices in the field of education,” said Andrei Nikitin, head of Russia’s Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).


Higher education is free in Russia for students achieving the required score on the entrance exam, meaning few Russia students opt to study abroad. By offering to pay tuition fees, the Global Education program hopes to encourage more students to benefit from a foreign education.