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New portal lets you search for postgraduate scholarships
Lucy Miller

Sorting out your funding as a postgraduate can be complicated, and scholarships can be hard to come by – if you can find out the details of them to start with.


168718504Luckily the people at newly-launched European Funding Guide are aware that postgraduate and graduate students are likely to need more assistance with finding scholarships than anyone else, and with up to 20% of the approximately 12,000 scholarships that are available in Europe going unclaimed, the company is now bringing students and niche scholarships together.


Scholarships that are available for study in Europe are diverse, ranging from the conventional (academic achievements, financial need, civic engagement) to the more unusual – for example place of birth, marital status or religious denomination.


Whilst the task of finding out the details of this extremely wide range of scholarships can be daunting, the European Funding Guide is hoping to demystify the process by being the first matched-based platform for scholarship searching.


All students have to do is create a profile with information about themselves and their requirements, and the website will match them with appropriate scholarships that they can then apply for.


The portal also offers a wide range of tips on how to get a scholarship, help on how to submit a written application, as well as information on the oral selection phase, such as interviews and individual presentations.


So, whether you’ve dreamt of studying for your postgraduate or graduate course in London, Paris or Berlin, you’ll now be able to seek out funding options much more easily.


The company, which is co-funded by the European Commission, is also completely free to use and offers more than €27 billion in scholarships across 16 European countries.  There are around 4,000 scholarships available in the UK alone.


Find out more on the site here.

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