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International graduates boost Danish economy
Lucy Miller

International students are of huge financial benefit to the economy in Denmark, according to a think tank.


460796963Although international students who stay in Denmark after they graduate have traditionally been seen as expensive for the country, research has show that this isn’t the reality.


In fact, an average of 27,000 kroner (or around 3,625 Euros) is contributed to the Danish economy by every international graduate every year.


Think tank DEA assessed the net contribution of 6,000 students who completed their full time university education in Denmark between 1996 and 2008, 40% of whom stayed in the country to work afterwards.


Overall these students contributed 156.5 million kroner (around 27,000 per student) – most of which came from taxes.


Sarah Gade Hansen, a senior consultant at business advocacy organisation Dansk Industri, says that the benefit of international students in Denmark goes beyond the financial, however.


Sarah says: “Foreigners also contribute important international experience. And in areas where Denmark does not train enough people, they are able to take jobs and ensure that the growth of Danish business is not inhibited by a lack of skills."


DEA added that students who stayed for longer periods of study and postgraduate degrees were more likely than those with bachelor’s degrees to benefit the economy, and that as long as the Danish market seeks to keep its work force international it should continue to welcome students from overseas.