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Overwhelmed? Tips on selecting a University

It’s time to choose a university. It’s time to take a big step forward to brighten your future and career opportunities. These are big decisions for you as you continue your education and maybe step out of your current professional role and back into the classroom. There are so many options, how do you decide where to go?

Working and studying abroad: how to nail the cover letter in any country

Whether you are considering working overseas because you are finishing up your studies and are hoping to secure a full-time job to stay abroad, working between semesters, or you need to apply for an internship position to fulfil your program requirements, being able to write the perfect cover letter means the difference between your carefully crafted resume getting read versus ending up in the recycling bin.

Three Key Communication Tools for Internship Success

After graduation, many people turn to internships, either back at home after studying abroad or heading overseas again.

Ways to Keep Learning After Studying Abroad

You've just returned from an amazing trip abroad. You learned so many new things in your host country, and gained some new perspectives on life.

Do you want to study in the U.S?

Robert Hassen, Coordinator of Graduate Recruiting at Central Michigan University, tells us why studying in the USA might be a great option for you.

What NOT to do when studying abroad

People always say that studying abroad is life changing. You know what? They’re absolutely right.

Don't let these 8 things stop you from studying abroad

If you're considering studying abroad, you'll certainly have trawled through all the information you can get your hands on, taking in all the benefits of such an exciting venture. However, there's probably a voice in your head detailing all the ways it could go wrong.

How to study for a STEM masters abroad if your grades aren’t good enough

Studying for a degree overseas is a dream for many of those who want to broaden their academic horizons and the potential of their future careers – but what happens if you don’t have the grades to get there?

This city has just been named the safest in the world

Tokyo is the safest city in the world, according to a new report – something that is likely to be interesting for the thousands of students who choose a destination in which to study abroad every year.

Do’s and don’ts of packing for an international study abroad trip

If you’ve ever travelled – or thought of travelling, or listened to a friend talk about travelling – you likely know the do-and-don’t basics.

5 tips for making your study abroad trip more affordable

Whether it’s to fulfill a language requirement, to embrace a foreign culture or merely to escape boredom, there are plenty of reasons to study abroad. Traveling out of the country will help you grow and create positive, lifelong memories.

Why you should consider working overseas

For many professionals and those at the beginning of their career, working internationally is likely to be an ultimate career goal. After all, who wouldn’t want the chance to experience different cultures and lifestyles?

UK arts leaders call for international students to remain in UK after graduation

Leading figures in the UK arts scene have called on the next government to rethink the visa system for international students who graduate from UK universities.

How to use studying abroad to get a job

Did you know that studying abroad gives you an edge in the job market? According to a survey by IES Abroad, 97% of people who study abroad land a job within one year of graduation. Also, the fact that they earn an average starting salary that's $7,000 higher than usual means employers value them more than the typical graduate.

Choosing a Study Abroad Programme

University is about new experiences, and studying abroad is certainly one of the best. With so many programs and countries to choose from, finding the right one can be a little intimidating.

The Emergence of the Data Analyst

Startups and especially SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) companies are beginning to rely heavily on data analytics and business intelligence to make astute industry decisions. Likewise, new waves of smart, talented and enthusiastic graduates are looking towards data analysis as a viable future with an upward trajectory.

Avoiding Culture Shock When Travelling Abroad

Culture shock follows what’s known by travellers as “the honeymoon phase.” As the excitement of your new place wears off, you find yourself suddenly struck by the different language, customs and unfamiliar surroundings.

US universities dominate the Times Higher Education top 100 ranking

Harvard University has been named the best university in the world in the Times Higher Education annual ranking.

University of Sheffield launches No Borders campaign for welfare of international students

The University of Sheffield has launched a campaign aimed at recognising and lessening the barriers that international students face in the UK.

International graduates boost Danish economy

International students are of huge financial benefit to the economy in Denmark, according to a think tank.

More than 12,000 international students affected by UK visa crackdown

More than 12,000 international students in the UK might have been negatively affected after a government crackdown on visas, according to new reports.

London is the most Googled city for US students wanting to study abroad

London Mayor Boris Johnson has revealed that London is the most Googled university city for US students looking to study abroad.

University of Sheffield to offer £2.2m funding for postgraduates

Students from the EU and the UK look set to benefit from a £2.2 million postgraduate scholarship boost at the University of Sheffield.

Huge increase in Greek students seeking postgraduate international education

There has been a big increase in the numbers of Greek student looking to get a postgraduate education abroad over the past half-decade, according to the Greek media.

The Virtues of Blogging

All the great adventurers and explorers kept diaries of their travels: Charles Darwin. Captain Scott. David Livingstone. So why should you be any different? There are of course a plethora of ways to archive and keep track of all your comings and goings in the top locations of the world, but few are easier or more user-friendly than a blog.

France to get €7.5 billion “mega” university to focus on postgraduate courses

A massive university with space for 70,000 students and ambitions to be one of the best higher education institutions in the world is set to open in Paris.

What are the world’s 20 most Googled universities?

2014's most searched for universities weren’t all amongst the world’s most prestigious.

New portal lets you search for postgraduate scholarships

Sorting out your funding as a postgraduate can be complicated, and scholarships can be hard to come by – if you can find out the details of them to start with.

The top 10 student cities in the world

The world’s best student cities – based on university rankings, student mix, quality of living, employer activity and affordability – have been revealed by education experts QS.

More international students than ever choosing the USA

The USA continues to be the world’s most popular destination for international students, with 8% more joining its universities in 2013/14 than in the previous academic year.

Caltech tops Times World University Rankings

The California Institute of Technology has topped the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014-2015 list of the best universities.

Australia best place to work as a graduate, says research

A new global graduate employment report has named Australia as the most lucrative place for graduates to find work.

What will happen to international postgraduate students over the next ten years?

A study carried out the British Council has looked into what will be the most popular destinations for international students by 2024 - and which countries they are most likely to come from.

World’s first national graduate school for the arts and humanities launched

A graduate school focused on arts and humanities has opened its doors in Scotland today.

London student rent tops £750 per month

International students choosing to study in London can expect to pay £752 per month for a privately rented apartment, according to a new survey.

Russia approves grants for students to study abroad for free

Russian students interested in studying abroad will be able to get their tuition fees and living costs paid for after the Russian government approved a new funding program last week.

How to improve your language skills

Despite learning a language for years through school, when the opportunity arises for us to use our skills we often chicken out. This is quite understandable as using language in a native speaking country to native speakers is quite different to using them in a classroom.

Funding study abroad

Finding funding for your study abroad program can be confusing at first. Each country will have a different way of paying for studying, while individual courses at different institutions with also have different prices.

Taught v Research: Which Masters will you choose?

As a graduate, choosing the type of program you want for study abroad is going to be key. Do you want to continue with a taught course, or is time to go into research?

Brazil best for graduate study in Latin America

Brazil and Chile have strengthened their domination of the top universities in Latin American, according to the latest university rankings from QS Global.

New Marbella university delivers innovative learning experience

Marbella, the playground resort of southern Spain, might not seem like the location for a new university that is delivering a new approach to postgraduate study – but it is.

IELTS v TOEFL – which language course is better?

If you are thinking of applying to an English speaking university but come from a country where English isn’t the first language, you are going to have to prove your language skills.

International postgrads in the UK to help businesses overseas

Businesses in the UK are to recruit international postgraduate students to help them break into overseas markets, business secretary Vince Cable has announced.

Which Masters degree will give you which job?

Choosing the right Masters program is often about choosing the degree that best suits your career prospects. As an extra investment in your education, you're entitled to a Masters program that helps you get the job that you want.

Where do UK postgrads want to study abroad?

More than a third of UK students now want to study abroad compared with just 20% last year, according to new research by the British Council.

Ten reasons you should study a postgrad

Thinking about getting a postgraduate degree? Not sure if you should? See how many of these you tick before taking the plunge.

Graduate study and internships in Europe and the United States

Despite the signs of economic recovery across much of Europe and the US, the job market is still not in the robust shape that it was before the economic crisis. This is leading many students to re-evaluate their options post-graduation.

Why is studying in the USA so popular?

By a fair distance the USA remains the most popular country for international students to study in, hosting over 30% of all international students in the world.

Skyping your way to graduate success

So you've managed to successfully complete the mountains of paperwork required, navigate the minefield of foreign bureaucracy, carefully planned your student budget and mastered (or just started) the language of your chosen country. Now, just one thing stands in the way of your perfect foreign study program. The dreaded admissions interview.